Recovery Through Technology

• On-Line Web Portal
• On-line Skip Tracing Databases
• On-line Credit Bureau Access
• Automated Payment and Remittance Capability
• System Generated Performance Analysis and Customized,
User-friendly Performance Reports
• Disaster Recovery Backup System
• Call Recording For Compliance and Training Purposes
• 24/7 Dynamic Security System

Real Time Statistics:
• Formatted and Ad Hoc Reporting
• Automated Time and Time Zone Recognition

More Than 10 Years of Corporate Debt Collection Experience…
We know how to get YOUR money back!
With more than a decade of experience in corporate debt recovery and financial industry,debtcollection.com.sg understands what needs to be done to recover unpaid commercial debts. We recognise that relationships, be it personal or corporate, are both delicate in nature, and must be handled using a careful and calculated approach. This ensures maximum recovery, while still maintaining existing relationships.
We believe that you should understand your legal rights when it comes to delays in payments that may eventually result in unpaid debts. You should be receiving payments in a time-critical manner as business operations depend on a smooth and steady cash flow process. If you are having trouble recovering overdue accounts and unpaid debts, consult our professionals at debtcollection.com.sg today.
  • “We are very pleased with the services provided and the swift recovery made. We would recommend Thomas and his team and will use them again in the future.”

  • “We had great difficulty recovering payment from a Malaysian company for the past few years. debtcollection.com.sg was able to help us recover it in 2 months. We are very satisfied with the services provides & would gladly recommend them.”


Corporate Debt Recovery Process


At this initial stage, your Case Manager will liaise with our Collection Officers and in-house debt analysts to analyse your specific case to determine the most appropriate method of recovery.

Recovery methods at this stage will usually involve carefully targeted telephone call.

In the event that a debtor cannot be found, we will conduct a free search to locate the whereabouts of the debtor.


In the event that the debt is not recovered at Stage 1, your Case Manager will liaise with you in regard to the next stage of the collection process.

We will ascertain each individual case and seek further instructions from you and suggest an appropriate course of action.

Usually at this stage, a carefully crafted letter of demand will be sent out.


Most debtors would settle their debts by Stage 2. If they haven’t, we would send our professional debt collectors to their business premises or place of residence to chase up on the outstanding debt.