Highly Effective Personal & CORPORATE Debt Collection Services
No collection – No fee – Guaranteed!
You can trust in our qualitifed and experienced negotiators to send out carefully crafted demand letters, telephone calls, SMSes and emails to produce unrivaled debt recover results. We implement individual strategies based on each debtor’s profile so you can be assured that each case gets specialised attention. We also conduct skip tracing services to determine the current whereabouts of your debtor and do doorstep collection.
100% customer satisfaction is the aim of our game and we take pride in delivering the best Personal Debt Collection and Corporate Debt Recovery Service in Singapore. For the past 10 years debtcollection.com.sg have provided exceptional debt collection services and unrivaled debt recovery results to our clients from a variety of trades and industries

At this initial stage, your case manager will liase with our collection officers and in-house debt analysts to analyse your case and determine the most effective strategy for the recovery exercise. A demand letter will be issued to the debtor seeking the recovery of your outstanding account.The demand letter will usually be followed by a telephone call.

Advance Recovery Stage

In the event that the debt is not recovered at Stage 1, your Case Manager will liaise with you in regard to the next stage of the collection process. We will ascertain each individual case and a strategy for the recovery exercise will be put into motion.

Enforcement Stage

Most debtors would settle their debts by Stage 2. If they have not, we would send our professional debt collection teams to their business premises or place of residence to chase up on the outstanding debt.

Benefits Of Using A Debt Collection Service
At debtcollection.com.sg we understand the importance of cashflow in every business. Ensuring that you get paid on time is one of the most crucial factor of every successful business. Overdue accounts can detract you from your core business operations.
Our experience and expert knowledge helps to maximize results, providing the most timely and cost efficient debt collection services. In addition, we deal with every debt collection in the most professional and fair manner to ensure that your business relationships are maintained. We recognize the importance of protecting your business reputation.
By using our services, you can uphold your reputation whilst ensuring your cash is collected on time. At debtcollection.com.sg we are not an expensive legal firm and our pricing is competitive. We have a transparent pricing model to ensure that you get most of the debt that is owed to you.