At, we take pride in providing you the best service we can offer and every effort is put into enforcing each court order received by our clients.The Small Claims Tribunals was established on 1st of February 1985 to serve as a quick and inexpensive form of resolving small claim issues between parties.


Once a judgment has been passed and a court order issued by the Small Claims Tribunal, and your debtor continues to refuse payment after the stipulated deadline,our professional debt collectors will step in and work to recover the debt owed to you. Their dedication and tireless pursuit of your losses will ensure you are able to continue business operations as per normal.

The expertise and experience our debt collectors possess mean that each case is handled with utmost professionalism, ethics and etiquette. Our enforcement process complies with the law and we handle all cases with the highest level of confidentiality, regardless of whether our clients are big or small names in the business world.

There are certain things to take note of when pursuing claims via the Small Claims Tribunal:

• Claims must be less than $10, 000

• Disputes arising from any contract for the sale of goods or provision of services

• Claims in respect of damage caused to any property (excluding motor vehicle claims)

• Claims must be lodge or filed at the Tribunals within one year from date of accrual of the cause of action

For more information on how our professional debt collectors can help you enfore your court order issued by the Tribunals, contact us today.